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Red River Gorge Natural Health Center is a place where you can ESCAPE and take the time to concentrate on yourself.  It is a place where you can ENJOY a class or workshop that is based off of the idea that WE CAN take control of our health, naturally. Drop in for a scheduled yoga class while you are visiting the gorge, join us for a weekend workshop or create your own private retreat with the services we offer.    

There is something special about spending time in NATURE.  It gives you a moment to pause from your busy life and just ENJOY being alive. Have you ever noticed that while hiking on a trail, you are able to LET GO of the cluttered mind, the schedules, the to do list? That is the atmosphere we are trying to create here at Red River Gorge Natural Health Center.  

Our facilities are located on the Red River Outdoors property, a tranquil and serene location, tucked away on 86 private acres bordering Natural Bridge State Park.  

Take a break from your busy life and visit us.  We look forward to seeing you soon.



Natural Health | Red River Gorge
About Our Company
We are a husband and wife team, with over 40 years of combined experience in natural health and the martial arts.
Our Team
We bring people in to teach workshops and classes who are highly experienced in their field.

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Local Family Business
We live here and call the The Red River Gorge our home. Support a locally owned family business.
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Would you like to teach a workshop or class in your area of expertise? Contact us to find out more.

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Our Home, which we would like to share with you.

Natural Health Center | Yurt in the Red River Gorge
Natural Health Center | Red River Gorge
Natural Health Center | Red River Outdoors
Natural Health Center | Slade Kentucy
Natural Health Center | Nature
Natural Health Center | Hiking
Natural Health Center | Natural Bridge State Park
Natural Health Center | tranquil and serene
Natural Health Center | Red River Gorge

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415 Natural Bridge Rd,
Slade, KY

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